Collen Evans Kgapane


LLM (Mercantile Law)(UP)
PhD (UP in Progress)

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Welcome to Kgapane Attorneys, a solid, proven practice with the experience, talent, professionalism and confidence needed to provide you with the quality representation you deserve. Kgapane Attorneys is a medium sized law firm which is committed to providing the highest quality legal services in the areas of civil litigation, labor disputes, commercial litigation, criminal litigation, Road Accident Fund, Debt collections, and medical malpractice claims for all.

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Our Areas of Practice

Entrust your prospects, problems and issues to us for a positive outcome.

Labour Matters

Civil Litigations


Criminal Litigations

Drafting Personal & Commercial Contracts

Road Accident Fund


Debts Collections

Reasons to Choose Kgapane Attorneys!

With our countless “wow factors”, we have decided to tell you about four of them and the remaining you will know and enjoy for yourself.


We are a team of experienced Attorneys.


Let the Professionals handle your legal issues and not the amateur.


We have Privacy Policy in place to protect valued information.

Fast Results

We work diligently to arrive at fast results

There's Justice in South Africa, Get Help!

Kgapane Attorneys has a strong culture and commitment to client service excellence. We are known for our commercial awareness and industry knowledge and for providing innovative and tailored solutions for every client.